Artist Statement

“Something Bigger”, AmbeR Day Scott

Whiteside Museum of Natural History, November 13 2020-January 30 2020

I am inspired by the poetry and symbolism of cosmic events, extreme weather, and animal behavior. I am intrigued by the toxicity of the human ego as well as the promise that we are all made of Star Stuff.


Among hundreds of others displaced by the Wichita Falls ‘79 tornado disaster, my family was moved to FEMA housing in a public park, which was also home to a large prairie dog colony. I learned to walk and talk in a community of trauma, fear, and charismatic subterranean rodents.

In 2017 I took a road trip to witness Eclipse Totality, which had a profound and indescribable effect. Since the Experience, I have been filled with a sense of Wonder and Oneness.


In the exhibition, “Something Bigger,” prairie dogs demonstrate a wide range of responses to awe-inspiring events and circumstances. Images are created through the arrangement of multitudes of seemingly random dots on a dark background. Each artwork contains the key to its own origin, via QR code, providing an experience in which the viewer interacts with paintings that have an augmented reality component.

In addition to the individual paintings, the exhibit includes didactic panels of scientific data relating to elements featured in the artwork, as well as links to virtual lesson plans and activities for exploration through arts integration. Within the exhibition space there is an opportunity for a small make-and-take activity designed to further connect the viewer with the artwork.

Like the images themselves, this body of work is the result of many components coming together to reveal a greater picture. Reference photos were provided by Carlos Juarez, Roger Whitaker, Lynn Seman, Andy Zamora, Daniel Juarez and Cindy Huckabee. Technical expertise and assistance provided by Amanda Snook, Melanie Clemmons, Simon Welch, Kevin King, Chris Flis and Holly Simon.

pdog big bang watermark.JPG
pdog the golden disc watermark.JPG
pdog first principle watermark.JPG
pdog yaw watermark.JPG
pdog agape watermark.JPG
pdog optics watermark.JPG
pdog higgs boson watermark.JPG
pdog the flimsy reed watermark.JPG
pdog dust watermark.JPG
pdog unmoved mover watermark.JPG
pdog ex nihilo watermark.JPG
pdog follicle watermark.jpeg
pdog star stuff watermark.JPG
pdog static watermark.JPG

AmbeR Day Scott

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Midwestern State University in 2001, AmbeR Day Scott moved from her hometown of Wichita Falls to Nacogdoches TX, Fayetteville AR, Austin TX and Bedford TX before returning to Wichita Falls. She spent years experimenting with new formats to present her creations outside of the gallery environment. Rather than channeling creative energy toward a culminating exhibition or product, she adopted a holistic integration of artistic practices into everyday activities.


In recent years, she has worked with a variety of Arts and Cultural institutions to create multiple large scale, ephemeral and virtual artistic experiences. These collaborations were designed to engage greater portions of the community in the production and appreciation of art.

Since 2018, her personal artwork has been featured in the Wichita Falls venues: 9th Street Studios, the Juanita Harvey Gallery at MSU, and the Kemp Center for the Arts.

She has also shown at the Tulsa Nude Art Show in Tulsa OK, the “Homage” juried exhibition in Rosendale NY, the Pedroche Gallery and Designs in Dallas TX, and the Cattle Track Arts Compound in Scottsdale AZ.

AmbeR currently lives and creates in Wichita Falls, TX.


For more details of her curatorial and collaborative projects :